Network ™ chiropractic care takes place in several phases, called seasons of care. And it is essential for me to assess where you are in order to provide you with the most adequate care and thus find the best growth strategies. These seasons are organized as follows: Discover – Transform – Awaken, and then Integrate


Reorganize, increase your awareness of your defense reflexes, which waste our energy : the first step is to discover!
in this season we (Re)Discover our body, our sensations, our engrained habits, physical but not only. That’s not to say we just observe our symptoms, our suffering from all angles, but what sensation(s) this suffering gives us: I am suffocating, I lack space, I am disconnected, I am in pain, etc. In this way we will be able to connect our brain to our body, again. To become aware of our tension(s). To become aware of the energy required in these defense mechanisms that have disconnected us from our reality.
As a puzzle, we put all these parts together, and we can observe all the energy that these different defense mechanisms require from us.
And the more we realize the existence of these mechanisms, the more our tensions… relax. Oh yes, to become aware is to begin to accept, to no longer be in resistance. We breathe a little more (literally and figuratively) and we regain flexibility. And we don’t have back pain anymore !

santé au quotidien
la santé par la chiropraxie


Now we want to finish with those old patterns, the ones we just discovered. So, what if we learnt to use our energy differently ? This energy that we used in frustration, anger, diminishing, that is to say in a destructive way. What if we turned it into constructive energy? As if we had a lesson to learn from our discomforts, to always continue our growth. As if this discomfort wanted to guide us towards … a transformation?
That would be the path to Health, wouldn’t it ? Becoming aware of its energy-consuming, unnecessary and sometimes destructive functions. And re-using the wasted energy in the past to TRANSFORM. Not just to change, to change the appearance, but to transform, deeply!
Because we deserve more than this!


Then comes the season of AWAKENING. Awaken to oneself! We were so wrapped up in the external circumstances that we even forgot about them. Freed from these chains that we imposed on ourselves, do you remember, those which recreated these headaches or this lumbago, this lack of confidence … We can finally use this energy to ask ourselves the real questions: why are we here, what do we expect from our life, what makes us ressonate? And we can use it also and above all to reorient our life.
Awakening to oneself is the gift that we offer ourselves, to also accept to offer our gifts to the world. And humanity has an immense need for it, hasn’t it?
Network Spinal ™ Chiropractic helps you reorganize your energetic seasons, to find your own way!

votre santé et bien être

Throughout this process, we witness different stages of evolution . These are guarantees of the reorganization of your body and its energy. First of all, during the season of  discovery, the « respiratory wave » will set in. This respiratory wave settles all along the column: Safety takes back its place inside your physiology. The sympathetic nervous system (defense mechanism) begins to take up less space. Then in the transformation, the « somato-psychic wave » will settle. The energy that we contained in the muscles, in our pains, in our symptoms can be released. And we can finally choose how to use it so as not to suffer anymore !


For the season of discovery, count from 1 to 3 months of care at the rythm of 2 sessions a week. Indeed, we have been training our brains to function and re-function in the same way for years, if not decades. And the same functionings lead to the same reactions each time, and therefore the same symptoms.


For the season of transformation, you have to count 2 to 4 sessions a month for 6 to 9 months. The goal of this level is to make you progress in order to refine the strategies which will lead to a better capacity of your organism and your nervous system to adapt to its environment and to use stress differently, that is to say in a beneficial way.


The season of awakening is calling people wishing to continuously maximize their quality of life, to experience a deep letting go, and to evolve in their personal development process. For this level, the frequency of the sessions is determined on a case-by-case basis, according to each person's expectations and personal objectives.

Ready to increase your quality of life ?

S.R.I. : Somato-Respiratory Integration

These are 12 exercises which consist in relating the body to breathing, movement, focus and the energy flow. This in order to increase our body awareness, understand our defense patterns responsible for our symptoms and discomforts and finally get out of these repetitive patterns.