Network Spinal was created by Dr Donald EPSTEIN D.C. in the mid 80’s. It remains constantly in development to stick to the latest neuroscientific research.

The method is based on 2 pillars which are :

1. SRI : Somato-Respiratory Integration

These are 12 exercises which consist in relating the body to breathing, movement, focus and the energy’s circulation. Those ones are intended to increase your body awareness.In order to understand the defense patterns responsible for bad postures, symptoms and discomforts and finally get out of repetitive patterns.

You will learn them in the health practice or from home during video conference sessions. You could then use them daily for the rest of your life. To improve your health and quality of life.

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2. Network Spinal

These are Chiropractic sessions and the Network’s entrainments which I deliver in my health practice exclusively, through sessions from 10 to 30min roughly. Each session is based on the instant assessment of how well your spine and nervous system are functioning.

The session consists of very gentle and precise contacts on specific points (gateways) along the column. They contribute to discover your defense patterns (which generate tension), to their transformation (in order to use this defense energy differently) and thus the awakening of your inner being.

Network Spinal is a unique approach that allows your nervous system to become aware of areas of tension and blocked energy in the body. In order to develop its own strategies to dissipate those tension. To become more flexible and efficient to respond to physical, emotional, mental and chemical stresses. Thus you will obtain a much more adaptable and fluider system, you will develop unsuspected capacities and resources and you will trigger the self-healing capacities your body has got.

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Your Chiropractor

Frédéric Allaire (D.C.), your chiropractor graduated from IFEC Paris in 2001 (after 6 years studying there) and so is titulary of european degree of the ECCE (European Council on Chiropractic Education).

Frédéric Allaire (D.C.) was teached with the Chiropractic method Network Spinal (N.S.). The principle of N.S. is to stimulate the selfhealing powers of your body in allowing it to learn different strategies to release stress and re-install harmony in life : simply, HEALTH .

Ready to increase your life's quality ?

Ready to increase your life’s quality ?