Somato Respiratory Integration is the technique of psycho-bodily exercises complementary to Network care™. This series of exercises was also designed and developed by Donald Epstein D.C.

Intégration Somato Respiratoire

What is SRI™ ?

 SRI™: these are 12 exercises integrating breathing, movement, sensation and great focus. They will help you to re-live and go through different stages towards « healing » again (healing is not just about « getting rid of » our old tensions, but understanding and transforming these old tensions). By increasing your body awareness, these exercises will indeed allow you to better understand how YOU (individually) function. In which part of your body you store tensions, emotions, which always lead you to the same physical, and emotional « stucknesses ».

intégration Somato respiratoire
atelier de respiration
Acquire strategies

Learning these exercises, at the practice (or by videoconference guidance), you will acquire the strategies to manage the situations, and to no longer suffer the emotion and stress of them; To be able to channel the energy that this emotion generates to transform it, and thus increase your potential « Health » and vitality !

Both techniques (Network™ and SRI™) work in synergy. SRI™ exercises integrate and accelerate the healing process related to the different levels of Network™ care.

Ready to increase your life's quality ?

Ready to increase your quality of life ?



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