Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

Network chiropractic is a holistic approach to Health. That’s to say that it sees the body as a whole unit; not only with regard to anatomical links, but also its physical, psychic, emotional and mental aspects. In today’s world, stress is an omnipresent factor and in order to sustain this stress, or rather this overload, we have to push ourselves beyond our limits ; as if we were stuck on the accelerator pedal of our car. In the case of the car, we could expect to see various side effects of this ongoing effort, or even a breakdown. Ongoing stress acts in the same way on our body.

Considering all these aspects, Network Chiropractic will bring you postural changes, will increase your state of health and your ability to manage your emotions and stress. Whether you are in crisis (lumbago, torticolis, burn out…) or you suffer from chronic pain (headaches, migraines, fatigues, back pain…), Network Chiropractic can help you to increase your quality of life. It can enable you to better  adapt to the world rather than to simply endure it.

"We do not see see the world as it is, we see the world as we are."


Your Chiropractor

Frédéric Allaire (D.C.), your chiropractor graduated from IFEC Paris in 2001 (after 6 years studying there) and so holds a European degree from the ECCE (European Council on Chiropractic Education).

Frédéric Allaire (D.C.) was trained using the Chiropractic Network Spinal method (N.S.). The principle of N.S. is to stimulate the selfhealing powers of your body in allowing it to learn different strategies to release stress and re-install harmony in life : simply, HEALTH .

Ready to increase your life's quality ?

Ready to increase your quality of life ?



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